Is Your Vinyl Viable During Dry Cleaning Care?

“When leather is just too expensive or impractical, vinyl offers a more affordable and practical option,” says Affordable? Yes.  Practical? Not always when it comes to dry cleaning care.  In fact, vinyl trim is included in our category of “toughie” challenges.  While Classic Cleaners professionals have honed tools and techniques for dealing with special problems, customers need to know that vinyl can crack after repeated cleaning.

Vinyl is a plastic material.  The base ingredient is brine, a solution of salt and water.  Highly versatile, vinyl is the only plastic that can be made thin and flexible enough to be used for everything from wall coverings to house siding, from auto trim to digital albums, and – for clothing!

So, is there a problem here?  Well…maybe.  Classic Cleaners follows the instructions on the care label of each garment, which by law must recommend one cleaning method safe for all parts of each garment, including the trim. In reality, however, there is always the possibility that vinyl on garments will:

  • harden
  • crack
  • peel

For that reason, customers bringing in vinyl-trimmed garments are asked to sign a waiver acknowledging the risk of damage to the trim during cleaning.  Most of the time, garments come through dry cleaning in fine shape, trim and all.

It’s good to be in the know, though – vinyl isn’t always viable!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners Blog Team