Don't Try to Get Away With it When it Comes to Kids' Clothes!

 “For most parents, dressing a child represents one of the greatest joys of parenting,” Art Gib points out in “Tips for Preserving Fine Children’s Clothing”, adding that “Buying fine children’s clothing represents a little bit of an investment, so you want tto be sure to take every means to preserve them for as long as possible.”.

A second piece of advice is offered about baby and children’s clothing at, reminding new mothers that “when it comes to baby clothes, you will find you do need to be practical in your choice.”  For example, some baby clothes look cute and attractive, the article points out, but may prove totally impractical and even cause discomfort to the baby.

At Classic Cleaners, we know all about fine baby and children’s clothes, and customers often turn to us for three kinds of help when it comes to the wardrobes for younger family members:

  • Some fine clothing items from children’s boutiques require day cleaning. (Information Hut explains in no uncertain terms – if the label on a child’s garment says “dry clean”, don’t try to get away with washing it; “You’re sure to be sorry later.”)
  • Laundry orders turned in for Fluff and Fold service often contain many items belonging to infants and children. Even non-regular Fluff and Fold customers, especially following a family vacation or during particularly busy periods at work, relish turning over the “big” chore of caring for “little garments”.
  • It’s always a special pleasure for the professionals at classic Cleaners to help restore heirloom baby and children’s clothing. From christening gowns to bris milah circumcision gowns, to vintage baby clothes and even collector doll clothing, precious little garments need and deserve special care.

    But, just as you’re going to try your hardest not to allow the little ones to get away with too much mischief, don’t try to “get away” with tossing their fine clothing into the wash without so much as a glance at the care labels.  You won’t ever be sorry you entrusted those special children’s garments to the special care of the technicians at Classic Cleaners!

 – By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team