Some Classic Cleaners Say Their "I Do's" in Color!

“Today’s independent woman doesn’t want to go along with the crowd; she wants to stand on her own merit,” says

Jill F. said her vows in silver gray

While white wedding dresses remain the most popular choice for many brides, colored wedding dresses are growing in popularity for modern, trendy brides. Lovetoknow reminds critics that white wedding gowns weren’t the norm until 1840, when Queen Victoria chose a white dress for her wedding.

At Classic Cleaners, we know.  In just the past season, of the many beautiful wedding gowns brought in for post-wedding cleaning, one was red, the other a silver gray.

Jill F. confided that she’d never even considered white.  Seeking a non-traditional dress, she’d chosen the one with the most appealing style and fit – it happened to come in gray.

Lovetoknow names five reasons brides are beginning to branch out in their wedding color choices:

  • Desire to be different
  • Greater selection of styles
  • Cheaper prices for party dresses as compared to bridal gowns
  • Cultural considerations (where a certain color is traditional or symbolic)
  • Ability to reuse the gown for other occasions

 Every profession has its special challenges, and dry cleaning is no exception. 

  • The delicate fabric on evening gowns needs special treatment.
  • The color red presents its own set of special challenges.
  • Beading and trim need to be handled with special expertise.

Dry cleaning wedding dresses is a specialty at Classic Cleaners.  There’s an extra measure of satisfaction, though, when Classic Cleaners technicians can do their work in “Technicolor”!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team