At Classic Cleaners, 'Tis the Season to Give a Gift Card!

Gift cards are no longer “new news”.  McDonald’s began its Christmas gift-certificate program, forerunner of the gift card, back in 1970, as The Big Money points out, noting that somehow a piece of plastic managed to become the top holiday present, with Americans spending close to $100 billion on gift cards this holiday season alone!

At Classic Cleaners, gift cards aren’t “new news”, either – the company has been offering cards for the past three years. Meant for year-round gift-giving, the Classic Cleaners preloaded gift cards, issued for $10 and up, make for superb stocking stuffers.  Just a few of the many good uses for clothing care gift cards:

  • As gifts for people you know who are already Classic Cleaners customers
  • As a gift to your college student
  • As a gift to a charity to use as a raffle prize
  • As a wedding gift (for cleaning and preserving the wedding gown)

Needless to say, the small but mighty gift cards can help pay for custom alternations and for fluff and fold laundry, giving Mom a welcome break from family laundry duty, with more free time to spend with relatives and friends during the holiday season.

True, not everyone is a fan of gift cards, as is quick to admit.  “Despite the fact that economists agree it makes more sense to give someone a wad of cash, we have come to embrace the gift card, which can seem more personal and, of course, convenient.”

No, not everyone prefers to give a gift in the form of a plastic card.. But, after three years of offering the gift cards, what we can tell you for sure is this: There’s certainly one group of folks that are gigantic fans of Classic Cleaners’ gift cards.  Who are those happy people? Why the gift card recipients, of course!
by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team