I'll Take Just One Per Leg, Please, Say Classic Cleaners' Customers!

“Pants are one of the most common types of clothing worn by both men and women,” remarks Buzzle.com. Referred to as trousers in the UK, Buzzle.com adds, pants are also known as kex, kegs, slacks, strides, and breeches.

Whatever you call them, with hundreds of thousands of pairs of pants coming through our doors every year, at Classic Cleaners, we know precisely what the challenge is with pants – the crease. While our customers specify their pants-pressing preferences, no one has ever requested more than one crease per leg.  More often than you might suppose, however, poor pressing at home or at a former dry cleaning establishment has resulted in two, or even three, crease marks on each leg of an unfortunate pair of pants! (A second sort of damage we see is scorching, resulting from holding an iron for too long a time on one spot in order to lock in the crease.)

Pants tend to fall into two general categories: flat front or pleated. Both kinds come in a variety of styles, with or without cuffs, pocketless or with a variety of pocket types.  Susan Wright of New Mexico State University tells it like it is when it comes to pants: “Gathers or pleats at the waistline emphasize a protruding abdomen,” she says, adding “Fitted legs are unflattering for the too-thin as well as for the too-full figure.”

At Classic Cleaners we don’t offer fashion advice.  Some customers prefer flat front pants, some pleated.  There are two things no one wants, however:

  • Discoloration of the fabric around the pleat mark
  • More than one pleat per leg

At Classic Cleaners, therefore, what a “no crease” pant request means is that no press is put down on that pair of pants.  Instead, the pants are hand-pressed through the center of each leg.

Whatever your pleat preference when it comes to each pair of pants, from khakis to tuxedos, at Classic Cleaners, what you ask for is what you get!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team