Going Your Way With Classic Cleaners

Route manager Tommy Mitrani

All the research data isn’t in yet, but it’s looking as if Tom Mitrani might qualify as one of the best- educated route managers in the dry cleaning and laundry industry.

For eight of his thirteen years as a full-time employee of Classic Cleaners, Tom has been a part time student.  Now Mitrani is set to graduate from the Kelly School of business at IUPUI with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Studies.

No, Classic Cleaners doesn’t deliver to China or Dubai, but the sheer logistics of managing twelve routes serving several thousand customers spread out from Cicero on the north, Fortville on the east, and Pittsboro on the west demand that Mitrani makes good use of his business management education.

How does the route system work? When you sign up for the free service, you’ll be provided with special large bags for your clothing.  Most customers stick a note inside the bag with any special questions or requests. A Classic Cleaners driver visits your home or office twice weekly to pick up and deliver your items. Your clean garments are returned neatly bagged, with fluff-and-fold laundry returned in recyclable boxes. However, there’s no obligation to have anything for us to pick up at all on every visit.

If you’re not at home when the driver arrives, your clothes may be left on special hanger hooks which Classic Cleaners provides to slide over the top of your door. You may prefer to give the driver access so that you have your clothing hung in your front closet, mud room or garage – simply let the driver know your preference. Last-minute emergency? Need a garment back in a hurry?  All Classic Cleaners drivers have company cell phones meant to help accommodate special requests. 

Adult children often arrange for Classic Cleaners home delivery for an aging parent.  The reverse is also true – one mother arranged home pickup and delivery of shirts for her son, so that he’d be sure to look his best at his new job!.

Think about it – thousands of customers, thousands of different residential and office locations, tens of thousands of garments every week, on time, ready to wear – it all adds up to a challenge worthy of the best efforts of a business school graduate like Tom Mitrani!

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team