What Customers Want: At Dry Cleaners in Noblesville, We Know!

Mel Gibson may have learned some lessons about what women want, but at Classic Cleaners, we’ve had twenty five years to learn exactly what dry cleaning and laundry customers want.

Three things, really: My clothes back. On time.  Ready to wear.

How do we know about the three wishes? We can read them in your eyes when you’re dropping off the precious wardrobe pieces you’ve so carefully selected for fit, comfort, and to make your very own statement of style. We can hear, loud and clear, each customer’s unspoken plea: “Please take good care of these clothes for me!”

At Classic Cleaners we have an expression for the way we respond to that plea: We call it “the modern craft of clean”. The unspoken, yet very loud message behind those five words of the new Classic Cleaners motto is simply this:

  1.            Every garment gets back to its owner.
  2.            On time.
  3.            Ready to wear. 

We take our standard one important step further:

  • As close to new as possible.

The Classic Cleaners motto means excellence. And excellence in dry cleaning means combining the latest technology with the highest levels of professional experience and skill.

Our heat seal label inventory tracking system guarantees we know exactly – every time – which garments belong to which customer.  With zero minutes wasted on a hunt to match “orphan garments” with paper sales tickets, our computerized order and bagging system has each order ready for delivery to the customer precisely on schedule.

The Classic Cleaners’  large, professional-grade linen press and the Unipress shirt machine yield results that cannot be replicated at most competitors’ operations.

The “modern craft of clean” translates into professional skills in stain removal, restoration, and pressing. No dry cleaning customer should ever receive a garment with a missing button, a loose thread or belt loop.

We love to chat with our customers and learn more about their lives.  But as far as what you want when you entrust your clothes to us – you don’t need to say.  After 25 years – we know!

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team