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Not all the garments turned in to Classic Cleaners for dry cleaning or laundering come with an explanation about their stains.  Even when it’s the wearer of the dress or the owner of the suit or tie in question, not always do those individuals know where the mysterious spots came from. It’s the kind of riddle Classic Cleaners technicians face every day.

A second sort of puzzle that presents itself in the form of an incomplete clothing care label. While the Federal Trade Commission says care labels must have instructions that apply to all parts of the garment, explaining whether any step of the cleaning method recommended for that garment could harm any part of it.  Unfortunately, the rules are not always followed by every manufacturer, and it’s left to the expertise and persistence of the Classic Cleaners professionals to figure things out. 

When it comes to riddles and puzzles, two weeks ago, the tables were turned, so to speak. While our loyal customers rely on us to figure out how to treat each element of each garment, this time, in our blog, it was Classic Cleaners posing a riddle for readers to figure out.

Here’s a quick reminder of the riddle, which was inspired by the Mensa book of puzzles Lateral Thinking & Logical Deduction:

A dry cleaners was having a one-day sale offering a 20% discount on business clothes.  That day, customers brought in trousers, jackets, and skirts.

  • 1 more customer brought in only jackets than those who brought in only trousers.
  • 9 customers brought in rousers only.
  • 15 customers brought in all three items.
  • 26 customers brought in skirts and jackets, but no trousers.
  • 13 customers brought in jackets and trousers, but no skirts.
  • 5 customers brought in skirts only.
  • The same number of people brought in trousers and skirts, but no jacket as the number who brought in only jackets.

    How many customers took advantage of the dry cleaning one-day special?

Venn diagram of customers who brought trousers, skirts, and pants to dry cleaners

Thanks to all our readers who ventured an answer to this riddle. The correct answer, which may be found by using the Venn diagram shown above, is 73 customers.

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team