Elegance at the Table: Laundering Linens with Classic Cleaners' December Special



Just reading through the list of washing instructions offered on http://www.tableclothdesigns.com/washing/index.htm is enough to make me run for professional help!

For 34 different linen brands listed on the website, including names from Ashford to Wellington, the instructions include 110º water temperature and avoiding detergents with high alkaline levels.  For 37 other brands, with names from Athena to Verona, the wash temperature should be 80º – 100º.  For yet 39 other brands, from Anchors Aweigh to Zebra, water temperature is to be less than 140º, and for certain others, including Dazzle-do, there is a warning not to iron or mangle the cloth.

With Thanksgiving just past and winter holiday celebrations fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to plan your elegant table. That’s why, at Classic Cleaners, the December special is table linens.

As Indianapolis Star “Do-It-Yourself” Shelly Miller Leer comments, “Nothing dresses things up like a white tablecloth and tapered candles…”.Miller suggests using 5 round, colored placemats (also included in the Classic Cleaners special offer for table linens) lined up in the center of your table with spray-painted miniature pumpkins placed on the mats as decoration.

Whether you’re planning white tablecloth with colored napkins and place mats, or favor bright holiday colors in table linens for your party or family meal, you will love the results of Classic Cleaners’ advanced cleaning and pressing process.  We’re very proud of our large professional press, something most dry cleaners do not have.  Even with the best instruction manual, the results would be impossible to replicate at home.

A warning of our own: Don’t wait to bring in tablecloths and napkins that have the inevitable stains from Thanksgiving festivities. This is indeed a case where time is of the essence. At Classic Cleaners we guarantee to remove 100% of stains or the cleaning is free, but that guarantee applies only to fresh stains!

At Classic Cleaners, we want do do our part to ensure each of our customers can set an elegant table for the holidays!

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team