Christening or Bris, Classic Cleaners Helps Newborns Arrive in Style

As career coaches are fond of cautioning, “You are given only one chance to make a good first impression.” 

In keeping with that motto, the well-dressed newborn will often enter ‘society” dressed in a sparkling white or cream-colored christening gown or suit.  In the Jewish tradition, boy babies are often dressed for their circumcision ceremony in a white bris gown, while girls may be dressed in white baby clothing for their naming ceremony. There are circumcision ceremonies in the Muslim faith as well.  In fact, community celebrations to welcome newborns are common in all communities, often with special garments for infants to wear.

The website refers to the Jewish Brit Milah ceremony as “a joyous beginning…the first of many milestones and happy occasions to be joyously celebrated during the child’s life. Muslim circumcision ceremonies, christenings, and baptisms are all considered joyous occasions, with each tradition having its own way of welcoming baby’s entry into the community.

Bris mila holder

Larami Museum offers advice on storing heirloom clothing: First, cut out all light. Check clothing to be sure no bugs have entered the storage area.  Do not use moth balls to handle pests, warns Larami – they are toxic to clothing!

At Classic Cleaners, we know, because many families pass down the special garments worn by the baby through generations.  Often help is needed from the dry cleaning and heirloom restoration specialists at Classic Cleaners in order for baby garments that have lain dormant for many years to be delicately cleaned and restored, ready for the newest family member’s first public appearance!

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team