At Classic Cleaners, Specials Are Never a Riddle!

As our customers know, “specials” aren’t just once-in-a-while affairs at Classic Cleaners.  In fact, there’s a new special offer every month of the year! November’s special, for example, is outerwear, and in December, we’ll be offering 25% off table linens.  Specials, you see, are just one more way we have of showing our appreciation to our loyal fans.

In the Mensa book of puzzles, Lateral Thinking & Logical Deduction, there’s a riddle about a dry cleaners that offered a “special” on business clothing.  We thought it would be fun to share the riddle with our blog readers:

A dry cleaners was having a one-day sale offering a 20% discount on business clothes. That day, customers brought in trousers, jackets, and skirts.

   1  more customer brought in only jackets than those who brought in trousers only.

   9  customers brought in trousers only.

 15  customers each brought in trousers, jackets, and skirts.

 26  customers each brought in skirts and jackets, but no trousers.

 13  customers each brought in jackets and trousers, but no skirts.

  5  customers each brought in skirts only.

 The same number of people brought in trousers and skirts, but no jacket as those who brought
in only jackets.

Can you figure out the total number of customers who took advantage of the dry cleaning “special” that day?

(If you’ve figured out the answer, simply put a comment at the bottom of this page, or turn in your answer with your next Classic Cleaners order.)

Hint: Our neighbor the math teacher advises using a Venn diagram to solve the riddle.

If you’re stymied by the Mensa riddle, at Classic Cleaners, we have a much simpler set of numbers for you to keep in mind:

For every $200 you spend within a six-month period, Classic Cleaners will give you $10 off your next order.  Best of all, there are no forms to fill out.  You’re automatically enrolled!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team