Classic Cleaners' Survey is a Three Way Street

Good customer service is the life blood of any business,” remarks Martin Day in the eMagazineForCustomerServiceProfessionals. “A customer satisfaction survey will help demonstrate to your customers that you care and are proactive in looking for ways to improve the service you provide.”

Classic Cleaners certainly agrees.  Over the Indianapolis dry cleaners’ 25-year history, Classic Cleaners management has continued looking for ways to serve its customers in new and better ways.  In fact, this very month, each Classic Cleaners customer can earn a $10 dry cleaning coupon by filling out a seventeen-question online survey.

Martin Day points out to his customer service professional readers that customer satisfaction survey information can work in two directions:

  • Customers to business:  The business obtains valuable market research data.
  • Business to customers:  The customers become aware of aspects of service they perhaps didn’t know about.

In the case of the Classic Cleaners survey, information might function as a 3-way street:

  1. When the results are tallied, Classic Cleaners managers will know more about the demographics of their customer base – what age groups are represented and how long customers have used Classic Cleaners for their dry cleaning and laundry needs.
  2. Customers will be informed (or reminded) of the “Classic Rewards” program.
  3. Central management and field managers will be able to discuss in detail with front desk customer service representatives and with route drivers whether customers have any concerns with the appearance and cleanliness of the stores, the friendliness and patience of the front desk representatives, and with the timeliness of order completion.

It’s interesting that the survey does not emphasize all the uncommon “extras” Classic Cleaners provides to its customers, including the lockers, the heat stamping that avoids the need for punch tags, the expert alterations service, the restoration of heirlooms, and the fluff and fold service.  The customer satisfaction survey would have needed to be far too long and complicated to include all the “extras” Classic Cleaners customers have come to take for granted!

Perhaps the most important statement on the survey is the one about which Classic Cleaners hopes its customers will all answer “strongly agree”:

“The customer service representative made me feel appreciated for visiting Classic Cleaners.”

If you haven’t already done so, won’t you take our survey?  Click here

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team