Blowing Hot and Cold - It Takes a Professional Dry Cleaners to Know the Difference!

You don’t think of clothes in connection with taking your temperature, but professional dry cleaners in Noblesville know warm and cold are very important factors in the successful dry cleaning of garments.

Different fabrics and different colors need different degrees of heat in the dry cleaning process.  Classic Cleaners technicians must carefully sort garments to be sure each one is put in a machine with solvent at exactly the right temperature. Silk, for example, can be degraded when hot water or hot solvent is used.

Meanwhile, we caution customers to avoid having garments exposed to excessive sunlight or fluorescent light, either of which can cause yellowing.

When a colored fabric absorbs light, it turns that light into thermal energy or heat. That’s why black fabric, which absorbs all colors of light, is warmer than white fabric, which reflects all colors.

A quick dry cleaning science lesson from

“When you shine white light on a colored object, that object will appear to be the color of the light it reflects.  All the other visible colors are absorbed….If you shine light on a blue object, it will absorb the warm red light (and reflect the blue light), and will be warmer than a red object which would reflect that red light.”

No matter what the color of each of the garments you entrust to Classic Cleaners, each color will be given the specialized attention it requires.  As longtime members of the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, the premier international association for garment care professionals, we’re sure to know when to “blow hot or cold”!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team