Being All Right, Not All Wet, with Classic Cleaners

water stains

Historic data from the National Weather Service office in Indianapolis indicate we’re in a significant dry spell. In fact, the Service explains, we’d need to go back to the summer of 1988 to find a longer dry period!

As dry cleaners in Indianapolis, Classic Cleaners professionals have more than one reason to care about weather.

  • Fire occurrence along roadsides and in homes is above normal during a dry spell.  As pointed out in an earlier blog post, “after-the-fire activities often cause more damage than the fire itself.” Often Classic Cleaners technicians are called upon to treat severely water-damaged household items such as drapes and bed coverings. Smoke odors themselves pose a challenge.  The dry cleaning process will be different, for example, depending on whether the smoke came from burning wood or burning plastic.
  • When precipitation does finally come, fabrics can develop water stains.  Water spots can be caused by the dislodging of sizing in a garment, according to
  • A special dry cleaning challenge arises when wet clothes are stored with other clothes in close quarters or in plastic bags.  Odors from mold or mildew can prove difficult to remove. In fact, although Classic Cleaners has earned a reputation for expert stain removal, it’s often true that garments with no stains need dry cleaning just to remove smells.

    damaged window draping

I was discussing all this the other day with one of the Classic Cleaners managers, who remarked she’d gladly carry an umbrella if it would only “rain cats and dogs” like it usually does this time of year, so that her outdoor plants could get some moisture. I realized I hadn’t heard that expression about “cats and dogs” in a long while.

The saying actually goes back to the 1500’s, I learned, when people lived in houses with thatched roofs made of straw.  Small animals would hide in that straw to keep warm in the winter. When it rained, the straw would get slippery, and the animals would fall through to the ground, and it seemed to be “raining” cats and dogs!

Whatever the weather, you can be sure your clothes will be all right (and not all wet) with Classic Cleaners expert care!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team