Fashion-Savvy with Outerwear at Classic Cleaners




“You know you’re a fashion nightmare when you wear underwear as outerwear,’ comments, warning “nice ladies” that, “Unless you’re Paris Hilton, there’s a time and a place for lingerie.”

(Not that any of our fine female Classic Cleaners customers would ever fancy themselves the new Paris Hiltons, but, given our November special on all outerwear items, we thought a dictionary definition reminder might be appropriate:

                                  Out-er-wer: n. 
Garments, as raincoats or overcoats, worn over other clothing for warmth or  protection outdoors. gets even more definitive about outerwear, counting  jackets, coats, cloaks, and even scarves and mittens in the category.

At Classic Cleaners, our professionals dry clean coats of every description, including parkas, down-filled mountain-climbing and ski outfits, and we specialize in suede and leather coats.

The other day I heard a waggish WIBC announcer tell his listening audience how much he was enjoying the unseasonably balmy Indiana weather, “I’m beginning to think global warming is vastly underrated, ” he quipped.  Global warming or not, we all know November is the time to prepare for colder temperatures and even for some precipitation.

So, gather up those cloaks and coats and jackets and rainwear, the down-filled vests and ski suits and parkas.  With freshly cleaned outerwear, you’ll be prepared for whatever weather the autumn and winter to come might bring.

You know you’re fashion-savvy when you put your fine outerwear garments in the capable hands of our Classic Cleaners professionals!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team