Baby Clothes Reborn at Classic Cleaners

 “If I have no heirlooms, what should I pass down?” is the question addressed by Emilie Sennebogan on Sennebogan assures her readers that when it comes to leaving things to your descendants, “sometimes emotional value far outweighs any financial worth“.

Classic Cleaners’ customer Ladonna Hanson knows all about emotional value. Thrilled by the idea that her granddaughter might be able to wear the precious baby dresses which the new mom had herself worn as an infant, Ladonna brought several 24-year old baby outfits out of the closet.  Dismayed at the yellowing she found on the fabric, Mrs. Hanson asked for help.

Passing down treasured clothing items and household goods is a very old tradition. In fact, the significance of the “heirloom chest” goes back to the ancient Egyptians. And, while the  “trousseau’ or “hope chest” has gone out of fashion, as Erik Shimek explains in his article Storing Heirlooms Inside of a Cedar Chest,  “it can be a joy to assemble a ‘memory box’ for young boys and girls to remember their childhood.” From baby clothes and dolls to baseball gloves, the treasures in the box help recipients relive special moments.

Seeing the beautifully restored baby clothes brought smiles and tears to the faces of Grandma and daughter, plus effusive thanks from Ladonna Hanson to the professionals at Classic Cleaners.

Alas, (at least for now) the little princess remains oblivious to how impressive a fashion statement she’s making, dressed in her sparking-clean, heirloom baby wardrobe!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team