Happy Halloween (Before AND After) With Classic Cleaners!

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes can be those interesting possessions that you like to carry on keeping for long,” we’re told in an articlesbase.com item.

(“Carry on keeping”? Odd syntax, but the sentiment sure makes sense…) Any costume is affected by the acidic constituents of sweat, the article goes on to say.  Costumes need to be kept clean and properly stored to protect them against heat, dust, and microbes, articlesbase.com cautions.

Certain costumes present special challenges when it comes to cleaning,  as one horror story in bhuz.com, Belly Dance Central’s website demonstrates.  One reader had apparently taken her gown to a dry cleaners and “most of the beads were melted together.  The dress was ruined.”

At Classic Cleaners, the dry cleaning of delicate costumes is part of the specialized professional services offered to customers at any season of the year. The weeks leading up to Halloween and the days following the holiday are busiest.  From sequins and beading on dance costumes to a wolf-and-three-little-pigs outfit made of colored felt and fake fur, Classic Cleaners has taken costumes from Halloween to Halloween with hardly a squeal!

Should you fancy the idea of dressing up as a dry cleaning professional yourself, there’s a video on 5min.com showing how to make a dry cleaning costume out of a hanger and a plastic bag.  (Please remember to bring those two items back to Classic Cleaners for recycling once Halloween has passed!)

At Classic Cleaners, we want you to have a happy Halloween –  before AND after October 31!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team