Classic Cleaners to the Rescue

It’s always a sad time when someone’s possessions have been damaged by fire, and at Classic Cleaners, we’re always gladdened if our expertise in restoring clothing or household goods can be of help.

Truth is, as Betty Feather of the University of Missouri’s Department of Textile and Apparel Management points out, “After-the-fire activities often cause more damage than the fire itself.” Fire, Feather explains, creates two types of smoke damage in fabric:

  • Visible soot
  • Invisible odor

There are good reasons to contact a professional, Feather explains:

When it comes to smoke odors, the cleaning process is different depending on whether the smoke came from burning wood, or burning plastic.

On draperies or other household textiles, homeowners trying to clean those on their own will usually only smear soot further into the fabric.

Classic Cleaners tips on things that can and should be done as soon as possible by homeowners after a fire:

  • Separating wet garments or household items and drying them outdoors on a line or by blowing a fan on them until dry
  • Keeping fire-damaged articles in a separate bag from undamaged ones
  • Getting the items to the dry cleaners as soon as possible, dropping them off directly with an explanation of exactly what happened and when.

When helping you recover from even a very small fire, we understand that time and expertise are of the essence. Our professionals stand ready to come to the after-fire rescue!