Classic Cleaners Before-and-40-Years-After Quilting Story

Forty years is a long time by any measure, and time and disuse had certainly taken their toll on the  two quilts pulled from one Classic Cleaners customer’s cedar closet.

The quilts had been made more than four decades ago for the childhood bedroom she shared with her sister.  Classic Cleaners took on the formidable challenge of restoring the quilts, one at a time, to their former glory.

Stained and discolored quilt before restoration by Classic Cleaners









Quilts played an important part in not only our customer’s past, but in our collective American past.  (With Classic Cleaners partner Steve Arnold so involved in Civil War re-enactment, it was interesting to learn that both Union and Confederate women rallied to the war effort, raising money by making Beautiful Gunboat Quilts.  Many of these, according to, had medallion-style floral arrangements that were cut out and appliquéd to solid fabric.  “This method is called broderie perse and requires many fine sewing skills.” Only a very few of the original quilts survived the Civil War, as points out, because many soldiers were buried in their quilts.

In fact, the two quilts Classic Cleaners restored resemble that Gunboat style, with colored floral appliqués

Quilt fully restored by Classic Cleaners after 40 years

affixed to a solid white background.  Fortunately, our client’s childhood memories were restored in fine style. 

With the original white color restored and the stains totally removed from each quilt, our Classic Cleaners customer feels as if two pieces of her past have come back to life!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team