Take a "Pill" and Call Classic Cleaners in the Morning

“Sweater pills, or the fuzzy balls and little fluffs that pop out on the surface of your sweater, are signs of active use.  This problem appears when you don’t store and take care of your sweater properly,” explains howtogetridofstuff.com.

“Pills happen because of abrasion to the fabric surface.  The less abrasion you give the fabric, the better it will look,” adds vintagevixen.com.

At Classic Cleaners, removing pills from sweaters and other materials is routine.  Using specialized hand tools, some pilling can be handled when clothes are checked in at the counter. Then, if pilling should occur during the dry cleaning process, Classic Cleaners inspectors will depill garments before they are made ready for delivery to their owners.

Some Classic Cleaners tips:

  • Make sure that, while hanging in the closet, wool and knit garments are not crowded or rubbing against other clothes.
  • Remove dry cleaned clothes from their plastic bags.
  • Take special care to protect the fabric against abrasion by rough coat fabrics, brooches, necklaces, and zippers.

Materials matter, as howtogetridofstuff.com points out. Acrylic, for example, pills easily, whereas angora and cashmere present much less of a problem. Depending upon the weave, wool sweaters can last years without pilling.

The dry cleaning professionals at Classic Cleaners have expertise in the care of all the most popular fabrics.  So, if your favorite knit develops a problem, take that “pill” and call Classic Cleaners in the morning!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team