Bedtime's Special This October at Classic Cleaners in Indianapolis

October special:
20% off bedding
and household items!

October special on household items at Classic Cleaners

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, I don’t recall Harrison Ford finding any pillows in the tombs he uncovered, but he might have. Certainly pillows have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Not everyone was privileged to use pillows, though.  In Tudor England, it was believed only women giving birth and weak men should use them.

“Nonsense!” is Classic Cleaners’ reaction to that one.  We wouldn’t dream of sending our loyal customers – male OR female – off to dreamland without clean, soft pillows.  And it’s not only pillows that make for a great night’s rest.  Classic Cleaners’ expertise in bedding extends to:

  • quilts
  • bedspreads
  • duvet covers
  • sheets and pillowcases
  • sleeping bags


When it comes to pillows, Classic Cleaners professionals deserve a five-star rating for their special five-step pillow-cleaning process:

  1. Discard old ticking
  2. Toss pillow filling in a tumbler with rotating brushes to break up clumps and sift out dust
  3. Sanitize the filling with germicidal ozone and with light
  4. Volumize – fluff the down and feathers and add more as needed.
  5. Re-tick in a beautiful new 100% cotton casing.

Hello, rejuvenated pillows! Goodbye, allergies!

Remember, the October special includes drapes, slipcovers, even sleeping bags.

Whatever the time of year, you need your beauty rest.   And, with Classic Cleaners, a good night’s sleep is a givenl
 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team