Classic Cleaners Comments on Couture

Dry cleaning in Indianapolis is big business for Classic Cleaners, don’t get me wrong.
But, sometimes, after watching all the celebrities show off their beautiful designer clothes on TV, I can’t help wondering…who cleans those couture evening gowns after a big White House or Red Carpet event? (Tell me they don’t throw the gowns away after one wearing!)

To my relief, I read in Savvy Sugar that (apart from official dinners) every United States President and spouse are responsible for all of their everyday expenses such as food, drink, and dry-cleaning bills! Does someone keep track?  Apparently, the White House functions like a luxury hotel.  At the end of each month, the president receives a bill for food and incidental expenses.

When it comes to TV and movie stars, at least one, Ellen Pompeo of Gray’s Anatomy, was spotted dropping off a bag of clothes at a Hollywood Hills dry cleaners. And, if you should happen to visit a Hollywood dry cleaners yourself, don’t be surprised if food expert Rachael Ray is the one taking in your order.  The CBS show I Get That a Lot puts celebrities in “normal person jobs” to confuse customers, and Ray served at least one stint as a dry cleaners clerk. The show’s executive producer Ed Horwitz remarked that, since a large portion of the Rachael Ray show audience use their local drycleaners, it would be fun to put her into that environment.

 While Classic Cleaners has no plans to open a store in Hollywood, when it comes to the cleaning and restoring of delicate evening gowns, our professionals are up to the challenge.

  • Hand cleaning: Each gown is treated individually, while protecting beads, embroidery, lacy, and sequins.
  • Anti-sugar stain treatment: Often stains from sugar, salt, and acids dry clear, These stains cannot be initially be seen, and do not disappear with normal dry cleaning.  Over time, though, the stains can turn an ugly brownish-yellow.  At Classic Cleaners, your gown will be given a complete anti-acid conditioning.

    Gloved handling and Inspection
    : Each gown is lovingly protected from skin oils and from contact with other garments.

Not all our customers are headed for Hollywood Hills or the White House, but with Classic Cleaners, you can be ready just in case that engraved invitation is delivered tomorrow!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team