Classic Cleaners Becomes Northwest Trader in Indianapolis

Interviewed for the August 1, 1960 issue of the Indianapolis News, 80-year old Bertha Lee Redden Shaw, had this to say:

“I am a Hoosier, born in Marion County, Pike Township, Indiana, at Traders Point, and very proud of it.”

Traders Point was an appropriate name for the village in northwest Indianapolis that grew up on land surrendered by the Miami Indians in 1818. Farmers would congregate there to barter and to exchange everything from hogs and horses, to harnesses and carts.

Fast forward to 2010, when Traders Point is home to a large, bustling, outdoor shopping and dining mall near the intersection of highway I-65 and West 86th Street, with a Classic Cleaners store occupying a prominent spot near the front of the mall.

Classic Cleaners is proud of its own history, which goes back 25 years. One year ago, Classic Cleaners beame one of the many “Northwest traders” at the growing Traders Point mall. Manager Wendy Matthis feels right at home in her busy store, which attracts residents from Zionsville and Brownsburg, in addition to many who work in the numerous office buildings and hotels in the neighborhood. Many of Wendy’s customers drop off and pick up their garments, then get their shopping done at Traders Point’s other stores.

Wendy, who prides herself on quickly learning and remembering the names of hundreds of Classic Cleaners

Wendy Matthis, manager of Classic Cleaners at Traders Point

Traders Point customers, has become a favorite with the employees in the nearby Dow Chemical headquarters.  In fact, all the “word-of-mouth advertising” her clients have done at Dow has prompted Wendy to offer a special 10% Dow Dry Cleaning Discount!

Living in such a historical area, many Traders Point residents are history buffs.  One customer brought in a set of antique burlap sacks, wanting to be sure the lettering would be preserved through the cleaning process.  The beautifully finished sacks now hang on the wall of this loyal customer’s antique barn!

It’s an interesting contrast – Classic Cleaners’  ultra-modern, “green” dry cleaning technology in a neighborhood from which soldiers went off to fight in the Civil War!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team