Classic Cleaners Continues on its Racing Track

 Ever since the Andretti racing team chose Classic Cleaners as the best green dry cleaners in  Indianapolis to take over the care of their racing uniforms, several other IZOD Indy Car teams have gotten on the track, seeking Classic Cleaners’ professional advice about green racing garment care.

A racing team’s dry cleaning and laundry order includes not only the uniforms of the racers themselves, along with underclothing, socks, and sometimes even golf shirts, but also the garments worn by the pit crew and other staff members.

Good thing Classic Cleaners technicians pride themselves on stepping up to face tough challenges.  All clothing related to racing must be made of fabric that is flame retardant, and if the garments are not laundered or cleaned properly, they can lose that resistance to burning.  Modern fire retardant fabrics may have protection built directly into the molecular structure of the fabric.  In that case, also, special cleaning expertise is needed.

At Classic Cleaners, knowing precisely how to treat fire retardant fabrics doesn’t always involve racing gear, but it can be important in drapery cleaning as well.  That’s particularly true of curtains that are used in public places such as school auditoriums or theatres.

Whether uniforms or curtains are involved, checking the manufacturer’s label is the first step. “Inherently fire retardant”, “permanently fire retardant”, or “durably fire retardant” all mean the protection is build into the fabric itself.  If the label reads simply “fire retardant”, that means the fabric has been treated after manufacture of the garment or drape, and Classic Cleaners technicians know that special non-liquid cleaning agents must be used.  At the same time, the entire process must meet or exceed the dry cleaning industry’s highest standards of environmentally responsible practices

Speed counts in auto racing, but at Classic Cleaners, patience and professional expertise are what won the title Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team