Gentle as Leather at Classic Cleaners





“Think of leather as skin,” is the advice offered in an guide. “Just as you need to clean and moisturize your own skin, leather needs to be maintained in the same way to stay supple, pliable, and resilient.”

At Classic Cleaners, we agree – skin care is a good way to describe the special processes we use in cleaning and restoring leather and suede. After first checking for stains and damage, our technicians determine the safest method of treatment for each garment.  Detergents and solvents must be carefully balanced, for example, in order to retain the natural oils in leather.

At that point, our work is still far from complete.  We reshape each garment, and, if necessary, our expert dyers create a blend to treat any areas where the color is uneven.  Never fear – all this work is included in the cleaning price.

At Classic Cleaners, September’s certainly the month to take care of your “skins”! 
by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team