Classic Cleaners - On the Button from McCordsville to Noblesville

Nowadays, it seems, we’re as likely to be clicking on buttons on a computer screen as we are to be using buttons to fasten our clothing. At Classic Cleaners, we make sure our customers can use buttons both ways.

Used as fasteners on clothing, buttons can pose special challenges as we dry clean and launder your clothes.  If one of your garments has delicate buttons (studs, beaded buttons, rhinestones, and the like), our Classic Cleaners seamstress Ohi Suhri may actually remove the buttons and then reattach them once dry cleaning is complete.

And, of course, there’s the special Classic Cleaners’ button guarantee. In case there are any broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts, we sew on new ones prior to returning the finished garments.

When it comes to buttons in the computer age, Classic Cleaners is very “well-clicked”, as our many blog readers can attest. A “button”, of course, is a shape on your computer screen which you click with your mouse, usually to go to another page on the website.

Remember the children’s game “Button, Button”? Kids would sit in a circle, passing a hidden button to each other while the child who was “It” chanted “Button, button, who’s got the button?”

Well, now that you’re grown up, you no longer need to guess where the buttons are.  Whether on our website or on your clothes, Classic Cleaners makes sure you have all the right buttons handy!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team