If the Suit Fits, By All Means Have It Cared For at Classic Cleaners!

“Nothing commands attention like a man in a well-fitted suit,” exclaims B.A.T.. “He exudes a sophistication that is impossible to recreate by any other means or in any other clothing.”

At Classic Cleaners, we agree. Once you find a suit that fits well in which you feel comfortable, we want to help you keep it looking its best just as long as possible. We even want to make sure your tie adds to your sophisticated business or evening look, so we’ve developed a special process for pressing neckties to give them a perfect rolled edge.

The other day we blogged about buttons, and how careful Classic Cleaners’ technicians are in making sure buttons are sewn on tight and not cracked. On a man’s suit, only the top button of a two-button jacket is fastened; if there are three buttons, either just the middle button or the top two are fastened. With the exception of the one button jacket, the bottom button is never fastened. That means, if any button is likely to need re-sewing, it’s the middle one! So, while we check all the buttons, we start with that middle one.

There are three ways to acquire a suit:

  1. Bespoke: Your suit is custom-made from a pattern the tailor created from your measurement.
  2. Made to measure:  Your suit is tailored from a pre-made pattern and modified somewhat to fit you.
  3. Ready to wear or off-the-rack: This is the least expensive and most common.

However you acquired your suit, you can be confident, when you bring it to Classic Cleaners, it will receive all the specialized attention it needs. We take care to preserve the inner construction of each suit, including the facings, the lining, and the shoulder pads, all things that give the suit its shape and fit. And, if a suit needs repair or alterations, Classic Cleaners experts are on site to help.

At Classic Cleaners, our aim is for you to command – that is, command attention in your clean, well-pressed suit!
 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team