It Was All Good, Clean Fun at the Summer Festival with Classic Cleaners Store #14

Ring the Bottle

It was come one, come all at the Summer Festival last Friday

Classic Cleaners Store  combined efforts with neighbor merchants at Bridgewater (146th St. and Gray Road) and with other area businesses to offer kids and parents a good time.  

Classic Cleaners Store #14 Manager Misty Elliott

Complete with a “bouncy houses”,  pony rides, and carnival games, the festival offered fun for family members of all ages, with plenty of pizza and Sno Cones available for purchase. (Oops! Dripped Sno Cone color or pizza sauce on your clothes? No worry – you didn’t have far to go to find dry cleaning experts to come to your rescue!) 

In addition to Classic Cleaners, participating sponsors included Gilmore Chiropractic, Fleming Family Dentistry, Cool River Pizza, Bridgewater Café, Walgreen’s, F&M Jolly Trolley Sno Cones, and the Primrose School at Bridgewater

Family festivals are always fun, but, invariably hard on kids’ clothes. Even washable garments need to have stains treated before they’re put into the laundry.  The weekend following the Summer Festival proved a great time for families to try out our Classic Cleaners’ Fluff and Fold laundry service, the perfect solution for families with high volumes of laundry and – not enough time! 

Pizza grease on shorts?  Tomato sauce on shirts? Blue Sno-Cone color on everything from socks

Sno Cones for everyone

to skorts? Our Classic Cleaners’ professionals are used to seeing it all following a festival.  After applying our gentle but highly effective laundering methods, we had fun folding and organizing clothes of every size and color into beautifully finished and folded piles – all ready for family fun activities to come! 

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team