With Classic Cleaners, There's No Need to Sing the "Holiday Stain Refrain"!

Don't sing the Holiday Stain Refrain!

Some things just seem to go together.  At Classic Cleaners, two of those things seem to be holidays and stains on clothing!

This July 4th weekend, it was independence and ice cream stains.

On Labor Day, it’ll likely be barbecue sauce stains and blouses.

No doubt, Thanksgiving will combine with turkey gravy stains.

And, after the winter holidays, we’ll see water spots on velvet, and green and red (or blue and white, depending upon customers’ religion!) candle wax on tablecloths.

No matter what the season, the professionals at Classic Cleaners stand ready to put their stain removal skills to the test.

Often, though, what makes the difference between success and, well, less-than-perfect, is time. The sooner you bring your stained garments or table linens in for professional laundering or dry cleaning, the better.  To paraphrase an old saying, a Classic Cleaners stain removal in time, saves nine (out of ten garments).

If there’s a “never-never” for dry cleaning customers, it’s this:

Never, never put away a garment or tablecloth for the season without having it cleaned first!

Before the holiday glow has a chance to fade – or the stains to set in – bring those clothes and linens to Classic Cleaners.

That way, you’ll never be singing the “holiday stain refrain”!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team