Classic Cleaners Success: Wedding Blanket Restored

January 23, 1995 : Love, Honor, Cherish, reads the inscription embroidered on the blanket given to Rick and Regina Mattson to mark the occasion of their wedding fifteen and a half years ago.  But, while Rick and Regina continued to love, honor, and cherish each other, time had been less than kind to their blanket, as Regina discovered to her horror a few weeks ago.

Regina's wedding blanket before restoration

A gift from Rick’s parents, the blanket had been displayed in an honored spot in the entryway to the Mattson home, with a stuffed toy holding it in place. But, over the years, the white blanket had gradually yellowed, and streaks of gray had collected on the hem.

Regina's blanket after Classic Cleaners' restoration

Regina, manager of Classic CleanersStore #12 at 11202 Fall Creel Boulevard, rushed to have the blanket dry cleaned, only to learn that the yellowing had persisted.  Leon Neal came to the rescue, using heirloom restoration techniques to return the blanket to its former glory.

Formerly employed by a construction company, Regina Mattson came to work at Classic Cleaners last November.  She reports she “absolutely loves” her great customers and all the support she receives from management, in particular from district manager Dee Godwin.

Now, with her wedding blanket restored, Regina is glad to provide her very own “testimonial” to the talents of Classic Cleaners’ professionals!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team