Dry Cleaning in Fishers: Do-It-Yourself Stain Removal May Not Get It Done

TV reality show In A Fix highlights do-it-yourself home repair disasters – moldings that don’t reach to corners, paint colors that bleed through, wallpaper run short one panel shy of a room – you name it.

At Classic Cleaners, our technicians see more than their share of do-it-yourself stain removals gone bad. There’s nothing wrong with trying to save money on dry cleaning bills.  The problem is that using the wrong chemical – or the wrong balance of chemicals – may mean permanently setting a stain instead of removing it.

Products typically recommended on do-it-yourself stain removal websites include:

  • Borax powder                                                               
  •  Cream of tartar and lemon juice paste
  •  Rubbing alcohol
  •  Baking soda
  •  Club soda
  •  Salt
  •  Non-oily hairspray
  •  Dish detergent
  •  WD-40

The most dangerous do-it-yourself products of all are those claiming to take any stain out. We at Classic Cleaners have one word for those: NOT!  That’s because alkaline is needed to take out acid stains; acid is needed to take out alkaline stains.  You can’t have it both ways and achieve the desired neutral – a Ph of 7.

Mrs.CleanUSA.com‘s.advice about removing permanent marker stains from carpet comes in three stages:

  • Stage One: Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray, blotting up the ink with a white towel.
  • Stage Two: Get advice from a professional carpet cleaner
  • Stage Three: (last resort) Cut the stain our.  Cut clean carpet from an inconspicuous place such as a closet and glue it where the stained carpet was.

When it comes to articles of clothing you care about, we highly recommend going directly to Stage Two, turning the problem over to the professionals at Classic Cleaners!


 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team