Classic Cleaners Blows Off Steam

We like for Classic Cleaners employees to blow off steam!

Most dry cleaners use steam guns as part of their equipment.  A steam gun helps remove water-soluble stains.  The steam can also remove chemicals that have been used to spot-clean a garment.

The same gun can work the other way, using a different foot pedal.  In that case, the gun blows compressed air to dry out the moisture left by the steam.

“Blowing steam” is just one of several special techniques used to hand-treat garments, along with wire brushes and other special hand tools.  Here specialist  Theresa Golish poses along with production manager Rose Benavidez at the hand-detailing station at our Classic Cleaners Bash Road plant.

Steam gun for hand-treating clothing at Classic Cleaners

You know how, on TV, when they show a dangerous stunt, the announcer warns “Don’t try this at home!”?  Don’t try to steam clean your own garments using an iron.  Irons can easily damage delicate fabrics. In fact, if you iron over a deodorant streak, you may permanently damage the fabric of your garment, Andrew Rivkin of Embassy Cleaners in New York told

Feeling as if you need to blow off steam?  Try running around the block . Leave the job of steam-cleaning  garments to the professionals at Classic Cleaners!