May "Color Guarding" at Classic Cleaners

Color guards are the folks who raise, lower, and safeguard the American flag in flag-raising ceremonies, but Classic Cleaners can help guard the colors of your flag!

In fact, at Classic Cleaners, the cleaning of any flag 3’X5’ or smaller is done free of charge.  With Memorial Day approaching, now’s the perfect time to freshen up that old Red, White, and Blue.

Did you know…The red of the stripes signifies valor. The white signifies purity and innocence. The blue field behind the stars stands for justice. (Red, of course, is one of the more difficult fabric colors to maintain, making it all the more challenging to keep a U.S. flag in good condition.)

The first official U.S. flag was established June 14, 1777, with thirteen stars for the original 13 colonies.  Today’s flag consists of 50 stars representing the 50 states which comprise the United States.

According to Last Frontier Boy Scout Council, “A worn or faded flag should be retired with respect.  Fold the flag and place it on a fire.  The ashes should then be buried.”

On Memorial Day, the proper way to display the flag is to fly it at half mast in the morning. Then, then, at noon, the flag should be raised to full staff position.  At sunset, the flag should be stored for the night.

This May, let the professionals at Classic Cleaners be your “Color Guards”!


by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team