Get Fresh This May With Classic Cleaners: Is YOUR Household Ready?

The month of May is a special time for Classic Cleaners customers, with our May special on household items. For the whole month of May, there is a 20% discount on cleaning or laundering of all household items.

From the dining room to the bedroom, our special is designed to help the fabrics of your household “get fresh” again as spring turns into summer.

  • Dining and living room:
    table linens
    table runners
  • Bedroom/bath
    down pillows
    bed sheets and pillowcases


Mature readers may remember grandma hanging the family’s sheets and tablecloths out on a clothesline. Provided there were no sudden rain showers, the linens would come off the line with a fresh, spring-like smell.  Of couse, with the closest neighbors a quarter-mile down the road, no one seemed to complain about the “underdrawers” spaced between the sheets. There were disadvantages to line-drying, of course, such as clothespin marks, square linen stretched into rhomboid shapes, and the difficulty of maneuvering large tablecloths on ironing boards.

Today, of course, it’s rare to see clothes and linens hung out to dry.  In fact, in the little town of Perkasia, Pennsylvania, there’s a legal battle going on among those who want to drip dry clothes and linens in the breeze and those who are offended seeing “underwear flapping about”. 

Whatever your thoughts on this matter, let’s face it.  It’s not practical for most apartment residents and homeowners to hang linens out to dry, so most use washing machines and electric dryers. 

This May, though, put Classic Cleaners professionals in the driver’s seat, treating yourself to the luxury of perfectly pressed and folded tableware, crisp, lightly starched sheets and pillow cases, and fluffy, sparkling clean pillows, spreads, and drapes.

This May, let your household items “get fresh” with Classic Cleaners!
 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team