Dry Cleaning In Indianapolis: Taking On The "Toughies"


Classic Cleaners vs. The Toughies

Every profession has its special challenges, and dry cleaning is no exception. Over many years of perfecting the art of garment care, Classic Cleaners professionals have honed tools and techniques for dealing with special problems.  Here are some of the more common “toughies”:

Toughie trimming:
Beads and sequins                                                                                              
Vinyl trim
Feather trim
Fur trim
Mesh overlays

Toughie fabrics:
Multiple fabrics in one garment – wool with spandex, cottons with silk

Toughie reds:
Red garments
Red wine stains, beet stains

Toughie stains:
Ink (especially on silks)
Caramelized sugar stains
Oxidized oils

Toughie mysteries:

1.    Stains the customer forgot about (For example, champagne spilled on a wedding gown will dry clear, with the stain showing up only after the fabric is cleaned)

2.    Stains the customer doesn’t tell us about (The more we know about a stain, the more likely we are to be able to remove it.)

3.    Customers forgetting to notify us to suspend route service while they’re on vacation.

The old cliché “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” might have been coined to describe the Classic Cleaners team of professionals.  Our goal – keep you lookin’ good!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team