Classic Cleaners Says "Put Up Your Arms!"

putting up arms

There are several expressions in the English language that involve “arms”.

“Taking up arms” means starting a fight, and, well, the only sort of fight the professionals at Classic Cleaners are interested in taking up is the fight against stains!

“Putting your arms up” signifies surrendering. Over the twenty-five years of Classic Cleaners’ existence, millions of garments and household items have been “surrendered” to our dry cleaning and laundry professionals – and we always “surrender” them back better than we found them!

Today, though, let’s talk about underarms, and those embarassing yellow “sweat stains” that can appear on the underarms of garments. While most customers are under the impression underarm stains are caused by perspiration, that’s actually only half the truth.  It’s really the combined effect of sweat and deodorants that changes the color of clothing dyes.

There are several preventative steps you can take to help avoid underarm yellowing on your prized garments:

1.       If you use spray deodorant, spray your body, not your clothes. Allow the spray to dry before putting on your shirt, blouse, or dress.  The same advice holds true for cologne and hairspray, by the way.  The alcohol in toiletries can leave deposits that won’t be visible until after the garment has been dry cleaned.

2.     Be aware that natural pH deodorants (without aluminum chloride or acids) are kinder on your clothing.

3.     Use shields inside silk garments or other delicate articles of clothing.

4.     Don’t try to bleach out underarm stains.  When you “surrender” the garment to the professionals at Classic Cleaners, point out the discoloration.

No need to “throw up your arms” (in despair).  Let Classic Cleaners “take up arms” on your behalf!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team