Classic Cleaners: Dry Cleaning Drum Roll, Please!

Have you every wondered what exactly happens to your clothes between the time you drop them off to be dry cleaned and when you pick them up again? After being carefully checked for special label instructions, loose buttons and fasteners, and foreign objects (things such as plastic pens that might dissolve in the solvent and cause problems) by our Classic Cleaners professionals, your clothes will actually be spending some time in a drum!

Dry cleaning machines look something like a combination of everyday washing machines and
dryers. Inside the machine, the clothes are held in a “drum” or inside container within an outer shell. The dry cleaning solvent is in that outer shell, and the liquid feeds into the drum while the clothes are being gently agitated inside. The dry cleaning solvent separates the soil and stains from the garment. Afterwards, the solvent is removed and distilled so that soil particles cannot be absorbed back into the clothes. During the drying cycle, your garments are tumbled in warm air that circulates throughout the drum. Finally, a deodorizing aeration cycle cools your clothes and removes the last traces of solvent. 

High tech machines can do a lot these days, but we also use professional hand tools such as steam guns and specialized brushes, and choose carefully from among tens of  different stain-fighting solutions.  It takes that Classic Cleaners combination of high-tech and high-touch to ensure your clothes are returned to you looking their absolute best so that you can look your best!

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