Classic Cleaners Employee Spotlight: Rosa Benavidez

When you arrive at Classic Cleaners, you know you’ve come to the right place to find premium dry cleaning and laundry services.  But, if you’ve got a little time to listen, you’ll find that, along with their specialized expertise in taking care of your clothes and household items, many of our employees have some very unusual life stories to share.

Plant manager Rosa Benevidez

Production Manager Rosa Benavidez is a perfect example. A proud member of the Classic Cleaners family for going on sixteen years, Rosa has managed the Bash Road plant for the past twelve of those years.

As children, Rosa and her eleven siblings became migrant workers, following the tomato crops along with their parents.  With her entire academic history consisting of two weeks in the third grade, Rosa “learned from life”.  “We were proud people”, she explains.  “Nobody owed us anything – we had to survive and make our own way.”

After years of working as a presser in various dry cleaning establishments in Virginia, Rosa and her husband, a former commercial fisherman, moved to Indiana sixteen years ago. Hired as a shirt presser at Classic Cleaners, Rosa had found a “home”, working her way up to her present managerial position.

“My five bosses”, she says, “they give good opportunities, treat you fairly, and make us feel special. I’ve been working all of my life, and this is the best place I’ve ever been.”

Benavidez shared her ideas on good business management: “Morale must be high.  You can be a manager, but if you don’t have happy workers, you’re nobody,” adding that “We’re all in this together, and at Classic Cleaners, we’re all about keeping our customers satisfied.”