Dry Cleaners In Fishers: If Skirts Could Talk...

At Classic Cleaners, we’re used to restoring heirloom garments– in fact, that’s one of our specialties. From wedding gowns to vintage clothing that’s been in the family for generations, we take special pride in bringing special garments and prized linens and quilts back to their former glory.

Just last month, though, we were able to work on one of the most unusual garments ever to come into a Classic Cleaners store.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if clothes could talk?  Well this skirt had lots to say…
This May, alumni of the old Fishers High School will hold their 50th high school reunion. (The 1960 graduating class numbered only twenty students!)  In preparation for the reunion, one of those former students asked us to help restore her fifty year-old senior skirt! The skirt was badly stained and the dye had “bled”. 

That’s where the professional expertise of our own Leon Neal came to the rescue! By knowing exactly the right kind of cleaning solvents to use on each part of the garment, and by using specially designed tools for meticulous hand cleaning, Leon was able to restore the precious senior skirt to new life, well in time to play what is sure to be a starring role at the Fishers High fiftieth. 

Is there some special garment that has precious memories for you?  Perhaps there’s an embroidered pillow cover, a tablecloth, a quilt, or maybe a certain shawl or kilt that holds a story? Let Classic Cleaners professionals bring those memories back to life! 

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team