2010 April

Classic Cleaners – Restoring History Along With Clothes

In cleaning their clothes, Civil War soldiers knew that, to avoid shrinkage, they had to be aware of three elements:

  Mechanical action

The stains on their uniforms, which were made from wool or a cotton-based (denim-like material), generally fell into […]

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Classic Cleaners – Giving Back By Taking Back Bags

Sometimes you’ve got to take back in order to give, that’s all there is to it!

One of the small but very important ways in which Classic Cleaners fulfills the dry cleaning industry’s highest standards of environmentally responsible practices is how we handle […]

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Classic Cleaners And Dress For Success Indianapolis – A True Success Partnership

April 20, 2010

More than seven years and 100,000 suits and blouses later, we’re proud to say Classic Cleaners’ partnership with Dress for Success Indianapolis has been nothing but successful .

The April 17th “Super Sort” at the Classic Cleaners Bash Street plant is just one […]

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Dry Cleaning In Indianapolis: Taking On The “Toughies”


Every profession has its special challenges, and dry cleaning is no exception. Over many years of perfecting the art of garment care, Classic Cleaners professionals have honed tools and techniques for dealing with special problems.  Here are some of the more common “toughies”:
Toughie trimming […]

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