Classic Cleaners: It's Not Easy Being Red

The colors of your clothes and even of your sheets and bath towels can impact how you feel, image consultant Julie Carson says.  “Using a red towel in the morning can give you energy,” she adds, “but wearing red all day can make you excitable.”

At Classic Cleaners we know all about reds being “excitable”.  From a dry cleaning and laundry standpoint, red dyes tend to be less stable, with the color likely to lose vibrancy faster than other colors.  Professional dry cleaners refer to certain textile dyes as “loose”, and red, according to Wikipedia is “the main culprit”. Since we know red clothing has a tendency to “bleed” onto other fabrics, our professional technicians are very careful how those reds are handled. Not only are all red garments cleaned and handled separately from other clothes, the solvent itself is distilled after each use.

It’s no wonder we process a lot of red clothing at each of our Classic Cleaners locations – red continues to be a very popular color, not only for women’s clothing, but for men’s ties and sweaters as well. Famous designer Bill Blass advised, “When in doubt, wear red.” Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright placed a red square signature tile on each of the homes he built in the 1930’s. The message you send by driving a vehicle that is Vibrant Red, according to Speedy, high energy, dynamic. Have you ever wondered why U.S. presidents seem to prefer red ties? Neatorama cites studies showing that red is most effective at enhancing our attention to detail.

No matter what the color of your clothing, be assured each garment will be given the specialized attention it requires. As longtime members of the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, the premier international association for garment care professionals, we’re proud to “see red” (along with any other color garment you entrust to our care!).

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team