Classic Cleaners: Caring For The Environment While Caring For Clothes

Worried because you’ve heard that dry cleaning plants can cause chemical contamination in ground water, air, and municipal sewers? Worry no more with Classic Cleaners.

 None of our chemicals ever go into city sewers or underground tanks.  Instead, used-up cleaning agents are saved in above-ground tanks ready to be removed by licensed chemical companies.  From there the chemicals are either recycled or disposed of through state-approved processes.  At Classic Cleaners, we’re really proud of our Indiana 5-Star Environmental Recognition award.

Classic Cleaners was the first dry cleaner in the Indianapolis area to become a Certified Environmental Drycleaner.  This designation comes from the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute. In the many years we’ve operated as a dry cleaning and laundry chain in the Indianapolis area, we have never once been cited for an environmental violation or been required to clean up any site. We’re very proud of our “clean” record (pun intended!).

We continue to grow and to open new stores in – and all around – Indianapolis.  For us, it’s all about neighborhoods. If we’re not already your neighbors, we will be soon. We aim to be the very best of neighbors, taking the best care we can of the environment.  We protect your heath while we take care of your clothes!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team