Professional Dry Cleaning Indianapolis Shoulds And Shouldn'ts

At Classic Cleaners, we’re used to answering customers’ questions about their dry cleaning.   Usually the questions are about “shoulds”.

Here are a few examples:

“Should I keep the clothes in the bags once I get them home to keep them clean and nice?”
Classic Cleaners: You Shouldn’t. The plastic bags are to keep the fabrics clean until you get the clothes home (or until we deliver them to your home). The fabrics need to “breathe”.  Hang them uncovered or in cloth bags.

“Should I use club soda on my clothes if I spill something on myself at a party?”
Classic Cleaners: You shouldn’t. Even putting water on some fabrics can change the color.  Best to have a professional assess the stain before putting anything on the fabric.

“Should I bring in both pieces of a matching set or suit even if only one has a spot?”
Classic Cleaners: You should.  If both pieces are treated at the same time, the color is likely to continue to match.

“Should I save up my clothes until I have a load to bring to the dry cleaners?”
Classic Cleaners: Generally, you shouldn’t. First of all, the shorter the time a stain remains on the fabric, the more likely it can be removed.  If you need to wait, don’t pile up clothes in a closed car, where heat and sunlight can fade the fabrics.

“Should I tell the dry cleaner how the stain came about if I remember?”
Classic Cleaners: You should!  Since different stains need different treatment, the more we know about what the stain is and when it happened, the better.

Do YOU have a “should” question to pose to Classic Cleaners’ professionals?  Post a comment or send us an email!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners Blog Team