Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner--No. 1: Ready to wear!

Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner

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10. Knowledge of dry cleaning
9. Membership in a dry cleaning association
8. Clean stores
7. No odor on clothes
6. Properly removed stains
5. Skillful ironing
4. Intact buttons
3. Simple repairs made
2. White garments white
1. Ready to wear!

Every garment you receive back from your cleaners should be ready to put on and proudly display to the world (if it is indeed intended as outerwear!).

Many of the “things to look for” we’ve covered in the series deal with this issue, but even stranger things are possible when less-than-reputable dry cleaners are involved. Garments can come back completely ruined, sitting serenely on the hanger as though nothing has happened. We’ve heard horror stories of garments drained of their color, stripped of beads and sequins, shrunk down to tiny sizes, and so on.

Such travesties are rare, of course. More often one sees garments that show no signs of having been cleaned or pressed, which can happen if the dry cleaner skips a step or the entire process. One also sees garments that are wrinkled from improper cleaning, pressing or handling.

Although, like anybody else, we can’t claim 100% perfection, we feel we offer unbeatable quality control in the Indy area and that you’ll be very pleased with the results. Should you ever have any concern about a garment that we’ve cleaned for you, please tell us. We’ll definitely take care of the situation!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team