Post series wrapup: Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner

Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner

Post series intro

10. Knowledge of dry cleaning
9. Membership in a dry cleaning association
8. Clean stores
7. No odor on clothes
6. Properly removed stains
5. Skillful ironing
4. Intact buttons
3. Simple repairs made
2. White garments white
1. Ready to wear!
0. Environmental responsibility

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on what to look for when choosing a dry cleaner. It’s also been a fun exercise for me, and new items continue to come to mind. For example, great customer service and great locations are also things to look for.

Of course, this series dealt mostly with the more concrete aspects of dry cleaning results, and I think we’ve covered a lot of ground. If you can verify that your dry cleaner does all of the above well, then you have in all likelihood found a “keeper.”

We’d like you to take a look at Classic Cleaners in light of the points above. We believe we can offer you extremely consistent dry cleaning results that are very hard to beat in the Indianapolis area. Thank you very much for giving us a try!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team