Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner--No. 10: knowledge of dry cleaning

Top 10 things to look for when choosing a dry cleaner

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10. Knowledge of dry cleaning
9. Membership in a dry cleaning association
8. Clean stores
7. No odor on clothes
6. Properly removed stains
5. Skillful ironing
4. Intact buttons
3. Simple repairs made
2. White garments white
1. Ready to wear!

My Dry Cleaner advises,

Talk to your dry cleaner about your garments. See how knowledgeable he/she is about textiles.

We agree. We invite you to talk to anyone at Classic Cleaners about your cleaning needs–our associates at our stores and plants are ready to answer your questions. In addition, your route driver (click here for information on FREE dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery) is another expert who is ready to help.

We’ve been doing dry cleaning for 25 years and pride ourselves on having the most advanced equipment and techniques in the state of Indiana. In addition, our executives get their hands dirty at the plants and take a leadership role in continually upgrading and advancing our technology. They are ready to answer your questions personally.

Should you ever have a question, simply contact us. We’ll respond quickly and, we believe, to your satisfaction.

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