Interesting article on buying (and cleaning) used wedding gowns (best wedding gown cleaning in Indianapolis)

Our own Leon Neal, master wedding dress cleaner, sent me a link to a very interesting article on Can that dress be cleaned?

The article quotes Sally Lorensen Conant, Ph.D., who  “is the executive director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists – a network of cleaners represented in more than 500 cities that specialize and excel in wedding dress cleaning and preservation.” Classic Cleaners is a member of this association, so it’s no coincidence that we agree with the content in this blog post!

Here are some choice quotes from the post:

As a general rule, there is very little risk to buying a stained and discolored dress made of a non-silk fiber. Almost any stain or discoloration can be removed from these.

But note that a really dingy/ shopworn non-silk gown needs to be cleaned professionally rather than “spotted out.” That’s because you may dissolve the dinge when you dissolve the stain. And spot removal will remove specific stains but leave white spots.

The truth is a good professional cleaner can remove almost any stain, but there are some things no cleaner can do:
1) repair broken fibers
2) remove yellowing from overexposure to sun or fluorescent light

Yellowing/discoloration is not usually just a spot. On a silk gown, yellow areas may mean there has been a chemical change that cannot be reversed. Even if it can, the yellow may be very difficult to remove, especially if there is also metallic embroidery in that area because chemicals that remove the yellow can turn the metallic embroidery black.

In general, very badly discolored gowns may not be a good buy. If the gown is polyester, it may be expensive to clean it properly, and if it is silk, it may not be possible to remove the discoloration.

Although the content is accurate here, I have one caveat: a lot of yellowing, perhaps even the majority of yellowing, can be gotten out of a gown. I have seen Classic Cleaners take dresses that were horrendously yellow and make them look brand new! Click on our Classic Cleaners wedding gown services category to see some examples.

It’s true that there are some stains and yellowing we can’t handle, but if you show us a gown we can almost always tell you how well it’s likely to turn out. Feel free to bring in any wedding gown–or any heirloom garment–for a free consultation!