Classic Cleaners Blog 2.0!

You’ll be noticing some changes on our Classic Cleaners website! Of course, we are constantly working on the site to make it better. We have brought the blog over from the WordPress server to make the appearance of the blog and the website uniform and improve the user experience overall.

As before, however, we’ll be exploring the wide world of dry cleaning with a special focus on the great services offered by Classic Cleaners in the Indianapolis area.

There’s a simple reason why dry cleaning and laundry are interesting and important: Clothes are an essential part of everyone’s life, and how one cleans and maintains them has a substantial impact on both one’s appearance and pocketbook. As a Classic Cleaners customer and a member of the blog team, I appreciate how well Classic Cleaners takes care of clothes while helping customers save money and enjoy greater convenience.

In this blog, we’ll be presenting the following:

  • Information about technologies and trends in the dry cleaning industry.
  • Links to news items about dry cleaning.
  • Stories and photos from customers.
  • Questions from customers with answers from our experts.
  • Stories about and by the employees of Classic Cleaners.
  • Stories about Classic Cleaners’ technologies, facilities, and equipment.
  • Updates on specials and other offers and opportunities for customers.
  • Classic Cleaners news of every type.

How can you participate? In addition to commenting on posts, please email us with any stories, photos, questions, or comments you might have related to dry cleaning and Classic Cleaners. For example, we would love to hear your stories about how Classic Cleaners made a difference in your life and see your “Before” and “After” photos of stain removal and restoration work! In addition, should you ever have any concerns about our service or results, we will address them immediately and personally.

Thank you again for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team