When should you ignore care labels and clean garments yourself?

I recently noticed an interesting article on www.ecosalon.com (“the green gathering”): Dry Clean Only? An Eco Expert Tells Us When It’s Safe to Ignore Labels.

Eco dry cleaner par excellence Karl Huie (of the San Francisco Huies) provides his take, and the long and short of it is that one really oughtn’t try to do too much without the permission of the care label:

Just because something is washable doesn’t mean that’s the best way to handle it. If you’ve got good quality jeans, sweaters, linens, bedding, etc. you want to protect them. Dry cleaning your fine things extends their longevity, keeps color from fading and prevents shrinkage. Plus you get a professional’s skills in stain removal. Talk to your dry cleaner to determine the best way to protect and preserve all your fine things.

We’d have a hard time putting it any better! Take a look at the article–Huie ends up talking about all the things that can go wrong when you “do it yourself.”

We’re not concurring with Huie’s opinion just because dry cleaning is our business and we don’t want anyone to try things themselves. We just happen to know how tough so many garments are to get clean in a gentle way. In fact, the dry cleaning industry came into being because people had beautiful clothes they wanted to preserve. We’ve developed many different processes to handle each type of garment and indeed each part of each garment.

While we’re on the topic of “eco,” it’s worth mentioning that Classic Cleaners is a certified environmental drycleaner and holds itself to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. So you can always use our services in complete confidence!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team