Family cleans and preserves fourth wedding gown with Classic Cleaners of Indianapolis

Customers trust Classic Cleaners to clean and preserve their wedding gowns with the highest level of care–and achieve the highest level of success!

Once our customers see the incredible results we offer, they are sure to come back to us when the need arises. Sometimes the same gown is worn by several brides, as in this beautiful story, and sometimes the customer trust us with more than one dress over time, as in the following example of our work.

This dress was the fourth dress entrusted to us by the mother of four daughters. The photo at the right shows the dress after cleaning but before preservation and packing in an archival-quality box.

The composite photo shows areas of the dress after cleaning (top) and before cleaning (bottom). As you can see, this dress needed a thorough (but gentle) cleaning to return to its original beauty. The gown had yellowed quite a bit since it was last worn (click on the photo for a larger image).

This beautiful gown features delicate lace and thousands of fine beads. Our gentle process protects lace and beads–yet attains these marvelous results. To learn more about Classic Cleaners’ gentle but effective wedding gown cleaning and preservation process, please click here.

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team